The Science of Sleep – the secret of the Great morning

The Science of Sleep - The Secret to The Great Morning How many hours of sleep do you get? Japan is known for its long hours of work and long commute to work, but compared to other countries, the amount of time spent sleeping is very short, and there is a chronic lack of sleep It has been noted that we are falling short. They get less than 5 or 6 hours of sleep during the weekdays and spend most of the weekend sleeping to make up for it. Patterns are not uncommon. At Hotel Great Morning, we remove the airflow and noise of traditional heating and cooling systems to the body. We are committed to providing a gentle and quiet sleeping environment. And the selection of beds, linens, towels and amenities provide additional peace of mind. Whether you're a professional or athlete who needs to perform the next day, or you just want to be healthier A deep sleep that is undisturbed by anyone else is very important to the people of In fact, the president of a well-established bed manufacturer in Kyoto asked, "Why do all the best people care about 'sleep'?" He has even written a book entitled In addition, a British scientist who is a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and The latest sleep science from Matthew Walker is also becoming increasingly well known . Pointing out the effects of sleep on health and disease, he wrote a book published in 2017, Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams (which is the strongest solution)," he explains the need for sleep in four parts. In summary, 1) sleep refreshes our memories and enhances our ability to learn, 2) after a deep sleep, we Creativity, including the ability to make decisions on issues, 3) Alzheimer's, cancer and other diseases, lack of sleep There is a strong relationship between the two, and 4) Adequate sleep dramatically increases productivity. In other words, deep sleep is useful anyway. Hotel Great Morning Hakata will continue to do what it takes to improve health, creativity, and productivity. We hope that we can provide as many people as possible with a healthy sleep as possible with the aim of