Surrounded by the warmth of manual work and the kindness of natural materials-plaster, diatomaceous earth painted walls

THE CONCEPT OF THE HOTEL GREAT MORNING IS TO "PROMISE OUR GUESTS A GREAT MORNING". . TO ENSURE THE BEST POSSIBLE MORNING, WE HAVE A WINDLESS F-CON, WHICH MEANS WE HAVE A BED, LINENS, TOWELS, AND A BED THAT'S FREE OF CHARGE. WE HAVE BEEN VERY PARTICULAR ABOUT THE AMENITIES. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL WE'VE DONE, ACTUALLY. WHAT I WANT YOU TO PAY ATTENTION TO THIS TIME IS THE WALL. All the walls and ceilings of our hotel are made of natural materials such as plaster and diatom earth. This is the so-called "Nurikabe" wall, which can be seen in important Japanese style buildings. Nuriwabe walls were often used in old Japanese houses, but in recent years, vinyl cloth walls have become the dominant material in houses. The number of The reason for this is that the raw materials themselves are more expensive and must be painted by hand by craftsmen. A lot of work. If you take a closer look at the walls of our hotel, you can see that there are traces of the iron on them. At first glance, the plaster may not seem to have anything to do with "sleep," but in fact, it has a great deal to do with it. Plaster has a "moisture control effect" that keeps the air dry in winter and prevents unpleasant moisture in summer, while diatomaceous earth has an unpleasant odor. It has an "odor-eliminating effect" that eliminates It creates a clean air that is essential for deep sleep and a refreshing awakening. Our commitment to wall materials is not limited to the areas visible to guests. The staff room, the backyard, and the entire building have the same specifications. There is no such thing as poor air quality anywhere. In addition, the natural texture of the filling wall becomes the bamboo furniture of the room. You can enjoy the beautiful air that you want to take a deep breath with the total spatial beauty.