The original towel handkerchief was newly made.

A new towel handkerchief has been completed in the original towel of Great Morning which is popular!

The color is six colors. The friendly shades of white, pink and blue are available at the front. Light grey, green and gold are specially awarded as a reservation benefit to those who have booked from the official website.
It is made from a combination of three materials: environmentally friendly polyester, water-absorbing bamboo rayon and plump organic cotton. It is a towel handkerchief that combines functionality and touch that you want to carry around all the time in a bag. It is finished in the one that you can be pleased as a present both for yourself.

Towels in all rooms from the beginning of the opening.

For those who have not visited the museum yet, or those who have stayed before,
Please come to meet the Great Morning with a special towel.